Shared Scripts, Data, Stimuli, Files, and Demos


Basic stroop task for thesis Jente and Marylou


Dit is de in Nederlands vertaalde versie van de openbaar gedeelde N-Back taak van Jerry van Veen.

Jaap Murre

HearSight demo that turns the area around a focus point on an image into a sound. This simulates saccades and foveated areas.


Attentional Blink paradigm task


Whack A Mole Reaction Time Game (gamification)


Are words remembered better if they are presented in a matching color? Based on the Stroop Task

Lena Faye Sachs

Knocking on Memory's Door, Session 3

Lena Faye Sachs

Knocking on Memory's door, Session 2

Lena Faye Sachs

Knocking on Memorys door, Session 1 script


Script used for the paper submitted to PLOS One, entitled “Cognitive functioning, sleep quality, and work performance in non-clinical burnout: The role of working memory”.

Tristan Hoobroeckx

This test contains several surveys, an affect grid and visibly timed questions

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