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New getting started videos

Jaap Murre — 2019, Dec 23

Former University of Amsterdam student Job Toebosch has made some videos on how to make an experiment in NeuroTask Scripting. They are meant for absolute beginners.

Teaching Demos

Jaap Murre — 2019, Nov 24

We recently added some demos to use in lectures or small assignments. These include:

The tasks have a short introduction and usually run a few minutes. Best of all: If you register (for free) with NeuroTask Scripting, you can copy... »

NeuroTask at Psychonomics 2018

Jaap Murre — 2018, May 4

NeuroTask is one of the exhibitors at the Psychonomics 2018 Conference in Amsterdam (May 10-12). Come check out our booth and get up to speed on new developments.

NeuroTask Scripting released

Jaap Murre — 2017, Dec 5

After two years of intense beta testing, NeuroTask Scripting is now available (as a public beta). Registration, creation and editing scripts is free, as is running them. You can also upload images, text files, and audio and video files for playback. This means you try out the system as long as you want and you can, for example, also create demos for... »

Beta Release pushed back

Jaap Murre — 2017, May 31

Public Beta release delayed

I have been working on several new projects, incluiding a new platform for testing subjects through a Voice User-Interface called ELCID. This has unfortunately taken much time while the release of Scripting NeuroTask involves setting up a complex administrative system with strict, European legal constraints.

The new, probable... »

Getting ready for public beta release

Jaap Murre — 2016, Dec 7

NeuroTask Scripting is getting ready for a public beta release

After two years of continuous beta testing, we are now ready to have others use the Scripting system.

We have been working hard to get the payment system up and running and to tighten security and we are now confident it is ready for serious experimentation. We aim to open the system for... »