1. JavaScript

    A programming language that is built into all internet browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and even into the browsers on your smart phone

  2. StratifiedJS

    A more advanced form of JavaScript that happens to it make it easier to program experiments online. See the StratifiedJS Webpage

  3. superset ("StratifiedJS is a superset of JS")

    This means that it can do the same as JavaScript and more

  4. programming language

    A format of typed characters (language) that computers can understand

  5. server

    Computer somewhere in the world that makes sure that your experiment is relayed to your subjects. See this page for more information

  6. Dojo library

    A popular collection of handy JavaScript functions you can use in your scripts. see the Dojo Toolkit Documentation

  7. jQuery library

    A popular collection of handy JavaScript functions you can use in your scripts. see the jQuery website

  8. libraries

    A collection of handy functions you can use in your scripts (e.g., on NeuroTask Scripting Dojo and jQuery are loaded by default and can be used in your scripts)

  9. event

    Something that happens in the browser, e.g., a user clicking on something, a mouse moving, a key being pressed or released, but also a video starting or ending and much more

  10. function

    A function is some lines of code that perform a task. It can be called and reused. You can pass information to a function and it can send information back. An example is text("Hello"), where text is the function and "Hello" the argument; it shows the text Hello on the screen.

  11. argument

    The data you pass into a function call, e.g., the string "Hello" in text("Hello"), which shows the word Hello on the screen

  12. object

    An object is a variable that may contain various types of properties, each of which may contain data. These are accessible through the so called dot-notation. E.g., response.age could hold the age of the subject entered earlier. An object may also have its own functions. For example, a Block b has a text() function, which you can call as b.text("Hello"), which shows the string Hello in the middle of the Block

  13. return

    A function returns a value with the keyword return. E.g., the function random() returns a random number between 0 and 1, using return internally to do this.

  14. comment

    Remarks and explanations to future users of the code that do not do anything.

  15. declaring a variable

    creating it in the first place (you can jump right into initialization too! no need for "var e;" then "e = await("keypress");". you can just say "var e = await("keypress");"

  16. NeuroTask

    NeuroTask BV is a company that specializes in online experiments and (neuro)psychological testing

  17. NeuroTask Scripting

    Platform and infrastructure where users can program their own online experiments and collect data

  18. NeuroTask Portals

    Ready-made complete solutions for complex long-running experiments

  19. NeuroTask Testing

    Only neuropsychological tests

  20. Script

    A series of commands that tells the computer (browser) what to do