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75,952 Subjects Tested
3,976 Experiments Created
24,503,960 Data Points Collected

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Getting started

To get an overview of NeuroTask Scripting, check out the (free) book 'Getting Started with NeuroTask Scripting', which gives a good impression of what you can do with the platform.

Or head over to the demo page where you can run demonstration scripts, including for example a classic experiment in cognitive psychology and popular neuropsychological tests like Posner and Keele's experiment with random dot paterns from 1968:

Random Dot Pattern Experiment

Once you are on the demo page, be sure to click on the orange 'Run Experiment' button (right-hand corner)!

Recent Developments

New getting started videos

Jaap Murre
Posted on Dec 23, 2019
Jaap Murre's avatar

Former University of Amsterdam student Job Toebosch has made some videos on how to make an experiment in NeuroTask Scripting. They are meant for absolute beginners.

Recent Developments

Teaching Demos

Jaap Murre
Posted on Nov 24, 2019
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We recently added some demos to use in lectures or small assignments. These include:

The tasks have a short introduction and usually run a few minutes. Best of all: If you register (for free) with NeuroTask Scripting, you can copy them to your account... »