My sixth script tutorial 0.1 min

This tutorial video walks through the “My 6th Script” demo experiment, a complex word recall experiment with two conditions and personalized feedback. Follow along by making your own copy of the script, found at:

This script gives our word recall task a more complex design. It tests whether processing words more deeply leads subjects to remember them better, using a 2-condition, within-subjects design.

First, the subject is told to remember the following words, and also instructed to notice whether they’re written in upper- or lower-case. This elicits structural (shallow) processing. They write the words they remember. Again, the subject is told to remember the following words, but this time is instructed to think about the meaning of the word. This elicits semantic (deep) processing. Again, they write the words they remember. After these two trials, a short text explains the purpose of the experiment, and the subject is shown their score for both conditions.

This script also introduces how to write and use your own functions. First, we demonstrate the concept of putting some script inside a function by putting the for-loop from My 4th Script inside one. Then, we provide the script for and employ another handy function that automatically grades the subject’s answers. It compares the words they type to the original word list and produces a score of how many words they got correct.

Topics introduced: writing functions, multiple conditions, within-subjects design, log(), giving feedback by showing a variable within text.