My seventh script tutorial 0.1 min

This tutorial video walks through the “My 7th Script” demo experiment, a more complex image task wherein subjects are shown multiple images at once and click on their favorite. Follow along by making your own copy of the script, found at:

This script shows four pairs of images, one pair at a time. For each pair, the subject has to click (or, if using a touchscreen, press) on the image they like more. The subject isn’t told what the common difference between the photos is, but in each pair, one image uses mostly warm colors (e.g., reds, oranges) and the other uses mostly cool colors (e.g., blues, greens). In this example, the experimenter is actually testing whether subjects tend to prefer warm or cool colors. After each click, the subject’s answer is logged as either “warm” or “cool” in the script’s data section. “Block”s are created and used in order to show images in different locations on the screen at the same time (i.e., to manage screen layout.

Topics introduced: blocks, waitfor…or