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var words1 = ['apple', 'pear', 'grapes', 'mango', 'banana', 'mandarin', 'watermelon', 'dragon fruit', 'pineapple','strawberry','lemon','apricot','avocado','berry', 'raspberry','blackberry','blueberry','cherry','cucumber','coconut','durian','grapefruit','jackfruit','lemon','lychee','melon','orange','olive','papaya','passion fruit','plum','tamarind','tomato','youngberry','date','guava','kiwi','lime','pomegranate','rambutan','starfruit','tangerine','mushroom','spinach','tea','carrot','brocoli','rice','soup','noodles','mustard','run'],
    nonwords1 = ['aplap', 'paer', 'gapee', 'mago', 'banna', 'madaro', 'watermelun', 'dragon fuit', 'anaanas', 'stroberry','limon','aprecot','avacado','perri','rapberry','grayberry','buberry','clerry','cucumbear','caconut','duraan','gapefruit','jackruit','lemun', 'lunchee','emonl','oraange','liveo','babaya','pession fruit','blum','temarid','tomaato','yunberry','datye','gueva','kivi','limon','pumigrante','rumbetan','starigruit','tangorine','mashruum','seechack','atea','karrot','brologi','remve','soupee','needlers','moonstard','ren'],
    stimuli = [],
    cor = 0, incor = 0, timeout = 0,
    counter = addblock("right","bottom",10,10),
    e, i;
stimuli = stimuli.concat(words1, nonwords1);
stimuli = shuffle(stimuli);

// Present some instructions, where 
gives a line-break text("You will see a word or non-word appear in the middle of the screen
" + "Press the S-Key for an English word or the L-key for a non-English-word
" + "Try to be as accurate and fast as possible
" + "Start the experiment by pressing the space bar.").align("left"); awaitkey(' '); // Wait until the space bar is pressed for (i = 0; i < stimuli.length; ++i) { text(stimuli[i],300).align("centered"); // show a word or non-word at 300% size in the center e = awaitkey('s,l',3000); // Await s or l or 3s time-out counter.text((i+1)+"/104"); if (e.type === "timeout") { text("Please, try to respond faster (within 3 seconds)"); await(3000); ++timeout; } //code correct as 1 and incorrect as 0 //if (e.key === "s" && words1.indexOf(stimuli[i]) === 1) if (e.key === "s" && contains(words1,stimuli[i]) || (e.key === "l" && contains(nonwords1, stimuli[i])) ) { log(1, "accuracy"); ++cor; } else if (e.key === "s" && contains(nonwords1, stimuli[i]) || (e.key === "l" && contains(words1, stimuli[i]))) { log(0, "accuracy"); ++incor; } else if (e.type === "timeout") { text("Please, try to respond faster (within 3 seconds)"); await(3000); ++timeout; } /* else if (e.key === "l" && contains(nonwords1, stimuli[i])) { log(1, "Accuracy"); ++cor; log(e.key,"correct_condition"); } else if (e.key === "l" && contains(words, stimuli[i])) { log (0, "Accuracy"); ++incor; log(e.key,"incorrect_condition"); } */ log(e.RT, "RT"); log(stimuli[i], "word_presented"); log(e.key, "response"); // Wait until either the S-key or the L-key has been pressed. If so... // console.log(stimuli[i],e); clear(); // Clear the screen await(1000); // Give 1000 ms pause } log(cor, "correct_condition_count"); //log data into your account log(incor, "inccorect_condition_count"); log(timeout, "timeout_count") text("


Thank you for participating"); await(3000);

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