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Visual Recognition Memory - Script 3.1

Jaap Murre

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var targets = ['color_cars1.png','color_cars2.png'],
    foils = ['color_cars3.png','color_cars4.png'],
    all = [],
    hits = 0, false_alarms = 0,
    i, e;

// Here we should put preloading code, see below in this chapter

instruction("Study the following images");

for (i = 0; i < targets.length; i++)

instruction("For each of the following images, <br />"
    + "press 's' for 'seen' or 'old'<br />"
    + "or 'l' for 'unseen' or 'new'");

all = all.concat(targets,foils);    // Add all image names to array 'all'
shuffle(all);                       // Randomize image order

for (i = 0; i < all.length; i++)
    e = awaitkey("s,l");         // 's' is 'old', 'l' is 'new'

    if (contains(targets,all[i]) && e.key === 's')

    if (contains(foils,all[i]) && e.key === 's')

log(hits,"hits");                      // Log data into your account

text("Thank you for participating!");  // 'debriefing'

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