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Two Simultaneous Videos

Jaap Murre

This demo shows how you can show two videos simultaneously or as is the case here, the same video in two different positions.

This script also demonstrates how you can hide the controls by accessing VideoElementJS styles and how to completely disable the keyboard short-cuts to control video playing.

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var b1, b2, b3, cover, options, advanced_options;
main = new Box();

b1 = addblock("center","top",100,25)
     .text("Two snakes");  
b2 = addblock("left","center",30,20);
b3 = addblock("right","center",30,20);

// Cover player until it is playing to hide initial startup stuff 
cover2 = addblock("left","center",32,32,"white");
cover3 = addblock("right","center",32,32,"white");

var video_options = {
        autoplay: true              // Start right away
    advanced_options = {
        clickToPlayPause: false,    // Disable click                    
		features: [],               // No controls visible (Play etc.)
		pauseOtherPlayers: false,   // Allow two or more players
		enableKeyboard: false       // No keyboard shortcuts

query(".mejs__container",b2.node).style("background-color","white"); // no black background
query(".mejs__controls",b2.node).style("display","none"); // just in case: hide controls

// Make sure the second video player has a different ID, here 'snake2'

b3.await('videoplaying'); // Starting a video may take some time, so we wait for this"background-color","transparent"); // Then, we remove the cover on playing"background-color","transparent"); 

await("videoended"); // We finish up as soon as the first player has ended

b2.deletevideo(); // Delete the players; we will (re)create new ones all the time

console.log("blocks: ",b2,b3);

b2.clear(); // We clear the block


b1.text("That's all folks!");


You can download the files as follows: Click on the file (link) and then right-click and choose Save as... from the menu. Some media files (e.g., sound) will have a download button for this purpose.