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NeuroTask Card Sorting Test

Jaap Murre

This is the NeuroTask Scripting implementation of the well-known Wisconsin Card Sorting Test with slightly different shapes and colors. Cards can be dragged onto one of the four target cards.

Only 64 cards are shown in this version. No data is stored. A brief score is presented at the end (categories [or runs] completed, total correct, and number of perseveration errors).

This is a fairly complex script of about 200 lines. These lines, however, includes everything the task needs, including on-the-spot generation of the cards (using the built-in icons). 

This test also works on tablets and smart phones with touch, as well as with mouse on desktops.

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function preamble()
    instruction("You will see four cards placed at the top and a card at the bottom to match to one of them."
              + "<br><br>There is a secret  rule for matching the cards and you will need to guess what it is.");
    instruction("Your task is to take the card at the bottom and drag it on top of one of the " 
              + "four cards you think matches it according to the secret rule.");
    instruction("You can drag the card at the bottom by clicking on it with the left mouse button "
              + "and dragging it while keeping the button pressed.");
    instruction("On a tablet, smart phone, or other touch screen, you can drag the lower card around with your finger.");          
    instruction('You will get feedback on each choice: either "Correct" or "Incorrect".');
    instruction('After you drop a card on one of the four cards on top, a new one will appear at the bottom.');
    instruction('You continue guessing like this for the rest of the cards.<br><br>'
              + 'Take as long as you like for each decision, but bear in mind that you cannot change your mind after a card has been placed.'
              + '<br><br>Try to get as many right as possible.');
    instruction('From time to time the rule will change <strong>without telling you this</strong>.<br><br>You will then need to discover the new rule.');


function createCard(left,top)
    left = left || "center";
    top = top || 57;
    return addblock(left,top,18,25,"white")
            .style("border","thin grey solid")

function setCard(c,color,shape,number,left,top)
    left = left || "center";
    top = top || 57;
    var sp = '<span style="display:inline-block;margin-left:0.8em"> </span>', 
        br = "<br>", 
        s, t;

    switch (shape)
        case 'star': s = '<i class="icon-star"></i>'; break;
        case 'circle': s = '<i class="icon-circle"></i>'; break;
        case 'square': s = '<i class="icon-stop"></i>'; break;
        case 'triangle': s = '<i class="icon-play icon-rotate-270"></i>'; break;
        case 'cross': s = '<i class="icon-plus"></i>'; break;

    switch (number)
        case 1: t = s; break;
        case 2: t = s + br + br + s; break;
        case 3: t = s + sp + br + sp + s + br + s + sp; break;
        case 4: t = s + br + s + sp + s + br + s; break;
    return c;

function makeCard(color,shape,number,left,top,fixed)
    var c = createCard(left,top);
    if (!fixed)

    return setCard(c,color,shape,number,left,top);

function getDeck()
    var colors = ['red','green','blue','gold'],     // yellow seems too light, so use gold instead
        shapes = ['circle','star','square','cross'],
        numbers = [1,2,3,4],
        deck = [],
        c, s, n;
    for (c = 0; c < colors.length; c++)
        for (s = 0; s < shapes.length; s++)
            for (n = 0; n < numbers.length; n++)
                    color: colors[c],
                    shape: shapes[s],
                    number: numbers[n]
    deck = shuffle(deck);
    return deck;

function getRules()
    return [].concat(shuffle(['color','shape','number']),

preamble(); // Show instructions

var feedback = addblock("center","center",100,10)
                  .text("Drag the card below on top of the correct one above"),

    //score_block = addblock("right","bottom",30,10),
    r = [   { color: "red",   shape: "circle", number: 1, x:  5 },
            { color: "green", shape: "star",   number: 2, x: 28 },
            { color: "blue",  shape: "square", number: 3, x: 53 },
            { color: "gold",  shape: "cross",  number: 4, x: 77 }  ],
    cards = [], d,
    c, deck = getDeck(),
    rules = getRules(), 
    rule = 0,
    total_correct = 0,
    correct_run = 0,
    perseverations = 0,
    h, i, e, pile;

for (h = 0; h < r.length; h++)

d = makeCard("yellow","triangle",4); // Will be modified immediately

var breakouter = false; // Labelled statements not implemented yet

for (c = 0; c < deck.length; )
//    d.await('mouseup');

    while (true) {
        pile = -1;
        for (i = 0; i < cards.length; i++)
            if (d.overlap(cards[i]) > 0.65)
                pile = i;
        if (pile > -1)
            if (deck[c][rules[rule]] == r[pile][rules[rule]])
                if (correct_run === 10)  // i.e., if 10 in run
                    ++rule;             // Start a new rule
                    correct_run = 0;    // Start new run
                if (rule === rules.length)
                    breakouter = true;
                    break; // Early break in case of very fast subject
                correct_run = 0;
                if (rule > 0 && deck[c][rules[rule-1]] == r[pile][rules[rule-1]])
                    ++perseverations; // Subject used previous rule
            c++;                            // Only advance on correct drop
            d.animate('opacity',1,0,1000);  // Fade out card
    /*        score_block.text("Cat: " + rule     // Show during development only
                             + ", Per: " + perseverations
                             + ", Cor: " + total_correct 
                             + ", Run: " + correct_run
                             ,60).style("color","grey"); */                        

            break; // Break out of while
        if (breakouter) {

feedback.text("Thank you for participating!");
feedback.text("You had #{total_correct} matches correct out of 64. "
            + "You completed #{rule} rule runs and had #{perseverations} perseverations"
            + "<br><br>Press any key to leave the test.");

You can download the files as follows: Click on the file (link) and then right-click and choose Save as... from the menu. Some media files (e.g., sound) will have a download button for this purpose.

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