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Lexical Decision Task

Jaap Murre

Fairly complete implementation of a typical lexical decision task, which takes about 6 min. It is suitable for use in lectures, where the audience can do the task on a laptop (keyboard). Because keyboard responses are required, the task cannot be taken on a mobile phone. Mean reaction times to words and nonwords are reported at the end with total correct responses. Individual subjects can also download their own data in a format that can be imported into a spreadsheet, like Excel or Google Sheets.

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function writefile(/*array of arrays*/rows,/*string*/separator,/*string*/filename) 
    separator = separator || ",";
    filename = filename || "data.csv";
    // Build CSV file (or tab-delimited...)
    var file = "data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,", i;
    for (i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
       file += rows[i].join(separator) + "

    // Write file with filename
    var link = document.createElement("a");
    link.setAttribute("href", encodeURI(file));
    link.setAttribute("download", filename);
    document.body.appendChild(link); // Required for FF

var words = getwords("words_lexical_decision_task.txt"),
    nonwords = getwords("nonwords_lexical_decision_task.txt"),
    rt_words = 0, rt_nonwords = 0, correct = 0,
    stimuli = [],
    results = [],

stimuli = stimuli.concat(words,nonwords); // Combine two arrays into one new one
stimuli = shuffle(stimuli);               // Randomize the word/non-word order

addblock(0,90,20,8).text("S = Word").style("color","grey");
addblock(80,90,20,8).text("L = Nonword").style("color","grey");

// Present some instructions, where <br> gives a line-break
text("You will see either a word or non-word appear in the middle of the screen <br>"
   + "Press the <b>S-Key</b> for a <b>word</b> or the <b>L-key</b> for a <b>nonword</b> <br><br>"
   + "Try to be as accurate and fast as possible <br><br>"
   + "The whole experiment takes about 6 min <br><br>"
   + "Put your left index finger on (above) the S-Key<br>"
   + "And put your right index finger on (above) the L-Key<br><br>"
   + "Start the experiment by pressing the space bar").align("left");
awaitkey(' ');                     // Wait until the space bar is pressed

text("Ready? First word will appear in 2000 ms").align("center");

for (i = 0; i < stimuli.length; ++i)
    text(stimuli[i],300);          // show a word or non-word at 300% size
    e = awaitkey('s,l',2000);      // Await s or l or 2 s time-out
    if (e.type === "timeout")
        text("Please, try to respond faster (within 2 seconds)");
    else {
        if (contains(words,stimuli[i])) 
            rt_words += e.RT;
            if (e.key === 's') { // Corectly identified word
            } else {
        } else {
            rt_nonwords += e.RT;
            if (e.key === 'l') { // Correctly identified non-word
            } else {
    clear();                     // Clear the screen
    await(1000);                   // Give 1000 ms pause

    + "You had " + correct + " correct responses (out of 180) <br>"
    + "Your mean RT to correct words was: " + (rt_words/90).toFixed(2) + "<br>"
    + "Your mean RT to correct nonwords was: " + (rt_nonwords/90).toFixed(2) + "<br><br>"
    + "Thank you for participating!<br><br>Press SPACE BAR for Download Page");
awaitkey(' ');

text("Click below to download the data in a format that can be imported into Excel or Google Sheets<br>"
   + "Each row contains: word, reaction time, score correct (1)/incorrect (0), word (1)/nonword (0), word length<br><br>"
   + "Or press SPACE BAR again to finish and skip downloading");
var d = addblock("center",80,40,10).button("Download Data");

waitfor {
} or {
    awaitkey(' ');

You can download the files as follows: Click on the file (link) and then right-click and choose Save as... from the menu. Some media files (e.g., sound) will have a download button for this purpose.