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Informed Consent Demo

Jaap Murre

Shows how to implement informed consent screens with downloadable PDFs and an ‘Accept’ checkbox.

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function getpdf(name) {
    return $$;  // Use obfuscated, time-limited S3 string

main.setfontsize(60); // 60% is better for lots of text to read
// Hint: You can do preloading of images and sounds here!
// Make sure you replace the text below with your department's text and fill in the details of the people involved
instruction("I willingly participate in this experiment. I confirm that I am at least 16 years old and I realize that I can stop participating at any moment during the task, without providing any reason. <br /><br />If the current experiment’s results will be used in scientific publications or are made public in any other manner, I know that my data will remain anonymous and cannot be linked to my identity. I know that the fully anonymized data from this experiment will be publicly available in an online repository.","Next","Informed Consent");
instruction("If I have any questions about the current experiment, I know that I can contact <your name> for further information.<br /><br />If I have any complaints about the task, I realize that I can send them to a member (<name of CE member>) of the Commissie Ethiek (Ethics Commission) at the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam (email: <CE member email>).","Next","Informed Consent");
var s, b1, b2, b3;
s = "You can download a PDF of the <a href='" + getpdf("informed_consent.pdf") + "' target='_blank'>Informed Consent</a> and " 
        + "<a href='" + getpdf("information_letter.pdf") + "' target='_blank'>Information Letter</a> for your own administration.";
    b1 = addblock("center",10,80,50).text("<h2>Informed Consent</h2><div>" + s + "</div>");   
    b2 = addblock("center",40,80,40).check("Check the box to indicate informed consent",[["Accept"]],"accept");
    b3 = addblock("center",70,30,10);


if (response["accept_Accept"] == "false") {
    text("You did not accept the informed consent and will not do the experiment.");
    window.location.href = ""; // Send subject somewhere else

// Hint: You can await the preloaded images and sounds here, which is probably completed anyway
text("Now the actual experiment would normally start.");

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