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Graphics Circle and Events Demo

Jaap Murre

Demo that illustrates how to draw circles with text, how to group these, catch mouse events, and how to connect them with a line on a mouse click. This script can be used as the basis for a full-fledged Trail Making Test.

This uses the Dojo GFX libraries, which is NeuroTask’s default (vector) graphics library. We like this library because it is both compehensive and very robust, supporting even ancient browsers. It also handles events in a similar manner as other parts of NeuroTask. The library is a bit complex, especially for beginning programmers, but there is a good tutorial

The script also demonstrates how to pull in additional components from the the Dojo system using ‘require’ and then making the component global (in this case, with window._mouse = mouse). 

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function circle(x,y,s,order) {
    var surface = main.centerblock.getsurface(), // Or use your own block

        size = 5, // %

        shape = surface.createCircle({
            cx: x + "%",
            cy: y + "%",
            r: size + "%",        
        text = surface.createText({
            x: x - size/2 + "%",
            y: y + size/2 + "%",
            text: s

    text.setFont({ family:"Arial", size:"30pt", weight:"bold" }) //set font
    require(["dojo/mouse"], function(mouse){
        window._mouse = mouse;
    var node = surface.createGroup();
        if (order - current === 1) {
            current = order;
            if (current > 1) {
                var line = surface.createLine({
                    x1: nodes[current-2][0] + "%",
                    y1: nodes[current-2][1] + "%",
                    x2: nodes[current-1][0] + "%",
                    y2: nodes[current-1][1] + "%"
        } else {

    return node;

var current = 0, // Current is 1 for the first node, 2 for the 2nd, etc.
    i, n,
    nodes = [

for (i = 0; i < nodes.length; i++) {
    n = nodes[i];


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