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Reaction Time

Jaap Murre

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function icon(s,x,y,z,c)
    var ic = main.addblock(x,y,z,z)
    return ic;

var t1, i, e, b1 = icon("cloud",0,0,30,"#ddd"),
    b2 = icon("cloud",10,3,34,"#d4d4d4"), bug;

var w1 = main.addblock("center","bottom",100,10).text("Ready!");
var bug = icon("bug","center","center",20,"red"),
    plane = icon("plane",0,50,15,15,"black");
t1 = now();

for (i = 0; i < 4000; i++)
    waitfor {
        e = await(17);
    } or {
        e = await('click');
    if (e.type === 'click')
        main.addblock("center","bottom",100,20,"white").text("Reaction time: "
            + (now() - t1).toFixed(1) + " ms");

var c1 = button("Click to finish");
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