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In 2015, 2016, and 2017 many types of experiments have been run with NeuroTask Scripting Users ranged from third-year bachelor students to seasoned researchers. The type of experimental topics included emotion and attention, implicit memory, concept formation, visual attention and very short-term memory, and language. Experiments involved brief presentation of images, video, audio, forced fullscreen, mTurk-based data collection, and many other things you might want to do in an online experiment. We are confident that the system is now ready for serious experimentation online.

To get an overview of NeuroTask Scripting, check out the (free) book 'Getting Started with NeuroTask Scripting', which gives a good impression of what you can do with the platform.

Or head over to the demo page where you can run demonstration scripts, including for example a classic experiment in cognitive psychology and popular neuropsychological tests like Posner and Keele's experiment with random dot paterns from 1968:

Random Dot Pattern Experiment

Once you are on the demo page, be sure to click on the orange 'Run Experiment' button (right-hand corner)!