NeuroTask Scripting released

After two years of intense beta testing, NeuroTask Scripting is now available (as a public beta). Registration, creation and editing scripts is free, as is running them. You can also upload images, text files, and audio and video files for playback. This means you try out the system as long as you want and you can, for example, also create demos for students or customers. When you are ready, you can active the scripts for data collection.

Data collection

Online experiments do not collect data unless a user takes out a prepaid data collection subscription, which start at $10 for one week or $35 for a month (see page with prices). The become active immediately after paying.

Students and staff of the University of Amsterdam who register with their email have free use of NeuroTask Scripting, including full data collection.

Beta testing

Over 100 researchers and students at five universities have run a great variety of experiments with NeuroTask Scripting in the past two years. This has enabled us to improve the system and remove bugs.

NeuroTask Scripting is great for teaching experimentation

A recent course taught at the University of Amsterdam had students come up with a research question on Monday, create instructions, stimuli, and program an experiment script on Tuesday and Wednesday, collect data on Thursday (often via Facebook friends), and analyze the data on Friday, also writing a brief report. This was repeated for three weeks: three experiments of increasing complexity.

All 30 students in the course were able to do this every week and some of the experiments and reports in the final week were excellent, especialy given the very short time frame: a complete experiment from research question to report in a week! The students found this way of experimentation very stimulating; several classical epxeriments were replicated during the course and some new ones piloted.

Some of these results are available in the share section of this website. They can be used as demos in courses or as a basic for your own experiment.

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Jaap Murre
Posted on 2017, Dec 5