Welcome to the HearSight demo

This demo is best experienced with a headphone. Shapes close to the cursor are translated into sounds using a radial scheme: First you hear the patterns close to the cursor, then progressively further away. A whole sound lasts about 200 ms depending on the settings you choose.

Patterns are sonified using the following scheme: Imagine the clock numbers in reverse from 12 to 1. Light intensity at each location is translated into volume of pitches 12 to 1 like semi-notes on the piano, starting at 440 Hz for blue, 880 Hz for green, and 1760 Hz for red. Thus low sounds indicates blueish shapes and very high sounds to reddish shapes.

At the start of sound a 220 Hz reference tone is started which does not change,

Because ordinary scenes may contain a lot of bright areas, it is best to filter the photographs using one of the included standard filters. Note that some of these, like the Canny filter, may take a very long time to process the image, as they have not been optimized yet!

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