ELCID stands for ELderly Centered Interactive Device. It is a research project at the University of Amsterdam by Jaap Murre and Richard Ridderinkhof.

ELCID will be a speech-only based platform intended to support elderly people in various ways. The system will also be able to monitor cognitive aging and implement interventions to counteract cognitive decline.

By clicking on a button below a demonstration is started on new developments in VUI-based neuropyschological testing, where VUI stands for Voice User Interface.

Running the tests

This demo is intended for the Chrome browser. I will also run on Opera, but not on most other browsers. Any machine that has Chrome (or Opera) and on which you can Skype can also run this demo. You must also have an active connection to the Internet while running the demo, because the speech recognition is supported by Google's servers.

Click on the Start button to activate speech synthesis and recognition. Make sure the microphone and speakers are active! You have to allow this web page access to your microphone (first time only). This is perfectly safe. If you have a webcam: the camera is not used, this is strictly a sound-only demo.

Implemented commands

By clicking on the button below, you get an idea of all commands currently implemented. It is our intention, however, to enable people to interact with the system without ever having consulted this list.

Trouble shooting

Speech is still a novel platform and even though it is maturing rapidly, both speech synthesis and recognition may not always work properly. Here is a list of things to check, in case the demo is not working.

  • Are you using a recent Chrome browser?
  • If you don't hear the welcome text, the sound may be turned low or off.
  • If speech recognition does not work, check whether a microphone is functional. Sometimes, a microphone is turned off by other programs, such as Skype, and you need to turn it back on.
  • It is necessary to give permission to the demo page to access your microphone.
  • If the speech synthesis suddenly get stuck and cannot be unstuck, press the reset button below. Chances are that the demo will continue where it left off.